Building Socio-economic resilience through detergent making

Siyanzela business cluster has established a lucrative detergent and floor polish-making enterprise as a way of building resilience against socio-economic shocks.

The cluster which is made-up of 23 women and 2 men from Sukwe village of ward 18 in Gwanda District was formed in 2021 after, Sibahle and Thokozani Self Help Groups merged.

 “Before we met Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, our opinions on important community upliftment matters were not even considered because we were considered poor.

“We could not cater for our day-to-day household necessities,” narrated one of the cluster members.

Siyazenzela cluster members posing for a photo in front of their production-centre after receiving an enterprise booster capital

When HIHZ chipped in, susceptibility became a thing of the past as members received distinguished trainings such as business management, business cluster formation, floor polish and liquid soap production, look and learn tours and an enterprise booster capital worth USD $1 000 which they were awarded under the auspices of the Market Linkages Project.

To date, the cluster has established a detergent production centre and on monthly basis they produce and supply to 2 local Schools, Sukwe Business Centre and Buvuma Clinic. They supply the latter with 60L of liquid soap and 80L of floor polish per month.

The entrepreneurs pocket an average of USD$653 every month.

 The process 

Their business profits have not only enabled them to cater for their household necessities i.e. food, clothing and payment of school fees, but has also enabled them to gain social recognition.

The cluster revealed that they have met and overcame a number of challenges but have managed to overcome them. Of late, the scarcity of paraffin has disturbed the potential growth of their business.

Siyazenzela cluster indicated that their future plans involve registering the cluster as a company and producing a written agreement of sell with their local buyers by December 2022. The cluster also plans to increase its production to 100L per month per detergent in preparation for external market penetration.

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