Goat production project boosts livelihoods

LUPANE-Zuzephi Ndlovu’s journey to self-sustenance began 5 years ago, when she crossed paths with a goat production-focused Self Help Group (SHG) based in Ward 16 Lupane district.

Zuzephi Ndlovu (49)

The 49-year-old mother of nine (9), who previously struggled to make ends meet is now earning a decent living and can afford to pay school fees for four of her school-going children through the group enterprise.

“My life has changed significantly. I am grateful for the financial empowerment that I have received since I joined the goat production SHG supported by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

“I can now pay school fees for my children and also afford a decent living.

“I have managed to take my two eldest children through high school from proceeds of the goat project and as our project continues to boom, I’m looking forward to paying for their tertiary education,” she added.

Part of Iluba SHG group members 

Iluba SHG is made up of 9 women and 3 men who have all been empowered through their goat production project.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe has supported the group through business trainings, mentoring, programmed technical skills trainings and accelerated linkages with input-output markets.

Members currently have 40 goats which they sell for ZAR600 each, to the local community and stores.

The group can sell up to 10 goats per month and they share their income quarterly.

Apart from selling the goats, the group is actively involved in goat breeding so as to increase the number of their stock.

They were also fortunate to receive a Boer goat from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, a move meant to improve the quality of their goats.

Their vision is to buy at least 6 goats for each member of the group and build a standard goat pen in each member’s homestead. Currently, they have managed to buy 3 goats for each of the group members.




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